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The Trail of Nightmares is a must-see for everyone visiting North Central Ohio for the Haunt Season. They have many imaginative and very well executed scenes plus terrific acting.

Recommended One-night Drive Time - 4 1/2 Hours

Navigation and Customer Service

  • Some street signage

    - Not enough signs out a few intersections

    + Big, lit sign at the entrance

    + Box office and Merch attendants are very positive

    + Owners Ed and Gloria are professional and courteous

Atmosphere and Midway

Key Lobby and Midway Amenities

  1. Concessions

  2. Merch

  3. Video

  4. Music

  5. Seating

  6. Bathrooms

  7. Games

  8. Stage

  9. Photo Ops

  10. Queue Line Actors


  1. Metaphysical

  2. Pyrotechnics

  3. At least one HUGE set piece

Facade Quality

  • No real facade to speak of

  • Just a painted plywood entryway


    + Despite being visibly plywood, the entire aesthetic of the entryway

       sets you up for an avant garde experience

Use of Existing Environment

  • Trail in the woods


    + Looks like paths were routed only to natural clearings

    + Many buildings look like they're supposed to be there in the woods

Actors and Acting


  • Forty some actors

  • High Octane

  • Some actors probably either do huge amounts of caffiene or are consummate athletes


    + Doctor Room

    + White Pallet Strobe Maze

    + Possession Room

    + Hillbilly Village


  • Unique characters all around


    + Not high end costumes but, genuine

    + You know what character you'll get when you look at someone

    + Some acts are highly layered

Lines and Vocalizations

  • 90+% of actors have lines

  • The others are silent

  • One does a horrifying sound with his mouth


    + They're so good, you never know what an actor is going to say

    + “Want a cookie?”

    + “Help me Find my Cat!”

    + The Sinister Minister

Theming and Design


    + Unique Fixtures (Diner Lights through the woods)

    + Great Color Washes

    + Synchronized Strobe Lights


  • Little to no soundscape


    - Most Sheds don't have music or sound effects


    + The ones that do have soundscapes are thrilling

Special Rooms

  • Laser Swamp with cages

  • Dragon Cave

  • A whole ass church

Set Dressing

  • No Dressing on the paths

  • Lots of buildings


    + Buildings are dynamic and immersive

    + Many different layers and materials used

    + All buildings feel used by the characters

    + Carnival and Hillbilly Village are extensive

Entertainment and Other Values


  • All actors are engaging and well skilled

  • The environments are very atypical

  • A significant portion of the attraction is outdoors mostly in darkness


    + The margins of the light outside make your imagination fly

    + You won't see some of this stuff at the big haunts

    + I was thrilled from beginning to end


  • Most buildings have at least one scare

  • Some scares are outside


    + Ingenious scare angles

    + Actors over the exit of some buildings

    + One actor can turn off the lights

Monetary Value

  • $20 GA

  • ~33 minute Walkthrough


    + $20 is a steal

    + This attraction is easily worth $30


  • A Great example of the best North Ohio has to offer

    +  A strong option from 4 hours away

    +  4 1/2 hours is the max in one night on its own

    +  Worth an overnight stay when combined with nearby haunts

Experience Essay

Trail of Nightmares in Ontario, Ohio is an outdoor powerhouse theatrical experience. It may only be a little less than twenty-five minutes long but, every minute is packed with action. When you arrive, there is an old-timey backlit slot-lettered road sign with a big Trail of Nightmares banner on top leading you into the Parking Lot. The Parking Lot is set amid a bunch of Storage Units. Gotta mention that the property Trail of Nightmares operates on has a number of other commercial tenants so, they're really limited on what they can do with a Midway.


The Ticket booth is inside a little room hidden from the front by an eight ft wide, fifteen ft tall tower sporting the Attraction's banner and the Grim Reaper on top. Tickets are $20 Cash Only and the ticket attendant is very nice to deal with. The door to the left is a rudimentary Merch room. They sell shirts, hoodies, stickers/decals and a few other items. Finishing the corner of this main building, you see the Carnival Trailer vending a host of goodies and food items.


Waiting in line was a breeze for my dad and me because we arrived super late with no other guests to speak of. The queue line ends at a cozy, fire-lit terminus from which a friendly crowd wishes you good luck. The walk to the trail is a little confusing because you leave the queue something like one hundred fifty to two hundred feet away from the actual entrance to the forest. The entryway is a pretty basic plywood archway that's barely painted and has a simplistic vibe that either makes for a DIY feel or an experimental feel.


Entering the Trail alone brings a harrowing feeling of “What will happen to me?”. The path is lit by a very different kind of fixture from anything you might experience elsewhere: Diner Lights. With their nearly perfect circular margin, it's the only beam of safety you can count on...until you can't. Yes, there are switches to these lights. No, you can't know when they'll turn off.


The pre game of all the imaginative houses is an outhouse with a wise-cracking old man on the toilet. This scare really surprises. After a few hundred more feet, you're met by the Doctor. He congratulates you on surviving the first challenges and promises that the rest of his trail will be much, much worse.


Through building after building, imagination is exceeded, spectacular monologues are given and dialogues are had. Stay quick on your feet to keep up with this wild cast of Improvisers. You'll meet people in the darkness and the light, all looking to thrill.


This is one of the must see all-outdoor haunts of Ohio and I'll give you a quick rundown why.


  1. The scenes are huge; there are caves, a church, a walkthrough mausoleum, a pretty big hillbilly town and carnival with full blown Fun House

  2. One actor might send you on a quest to find his cat.

  3. The possession scene is a full-room scare the likes of which you might only see at big-time A list haunts

  4. The Witch Yurt is a tent made solidly of twigs and branches, no visible inner structure

  5. You never know what you might hear from an actor

  6. The Sinister Minister is here to absolve you of your sins

  7. You won't know how many metal maniacs are in the white pallet strobe maze

  8. Look above you for attacks from over the exitway


Upon conclusion, some 33 minutes later, you will have had your eyes opened to what is possible on a walking trail with a stellar cast and scenes that will stick with you for days. The Trail of Nightmares is absolutely worth the price of $20 and a drive of 4 ½ hours.


Be sure to give yourself the option of hitting multiple haunts that night and pick from their selection of Haunted Hoorah, Blood Prison and Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse all within or very close to the Mansfield area.

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