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Terror Field is what you get when you take Dead Acres/Haunted Hoochie and reduce it to just the actors and their adults-only antics. Put them in the environments of a Hillbilly Community and a Hospital and let them do their thing

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Navigation and Customer Service

  • At the bottom of a hill on Columbia Street


   +/- Can only be seen when turning the corner onto Columbia while coming



    + Can be seen from across the canal when heading North

    + Decent parking lot across the street

  • Co-owner Brandon is readily accessible for feedback and such, usually hanging around the ticket office, lobby/stand and front sidewalk

    + He's an easy going guy who is always willing to play along with the queue line


    + The ticket booth lady is good fun

    + A man who I can only imagine is the father or other close relative of one of

       the co-owners, eagerly awaits your arrival at the exit for a sense of your

       experience and the geographic range of guests

Navigation and Customer Service

Atmosphere and Lobby/Midway

Key Lobby and Midway Amenities

  1. Concessions

  2. Merchandise

  3. Video

  4. Music

  5. Seating

  6. Bathrooms

  7. Games

  8. Stage

  9. Photo Ops

  10. Queue Line Actors


  1. Metaphysical

  2. Pyrotechnics

  3. At least one HUGE set piece

Facade Quality

  • Not a facade, just a door


    + The queue line is pretty cool, though. A modified Restaurant patio

Use of Existing Environment

  • Old Restaurant on the first floor

  • Old apartments on the second


    + Large open spaces of the restaurant including the Kitchen are used well

    + Winding, narrow hallways of the Apartment floor are used well too

Actors and Acting


  • They'll drag you

  • They'll slap you

  • They'll insult you



    + First guy has a fake phallus with which to slap someone in the face

    + The Pig guys are dynamic

    + The second nurse hits you with a stethoscope right in the chest

    + The first doctor got on the floor with a specimen cup in his mouth, ready for a

        Semen Sample


  • Mostly relevant costuming


    - The pig guys in the slat-wall area look super basic compared to everyone else


    + Really great medical outfits

    + The cult folks at the very end look super cool

    + Most of the Hillbillies look like they always dress that way

Lines and Vocalizations

  • Very Adult

  • Not safe for a lot of kids


    +The first nurse did a good job of screening patients for STDs and

        doling out Colonoscopy recommendations

    + The Shotgun Guys and their sordid inbred love affair

    + Grandma in the Kitchen

    + “Bow to the Father or he will follow you home”

Actors and Acting

Theming and Design


  • Some lighting, not that much


    - The giant Inbred Hillbilly animatronic is too dark


    + The light from the headlights of the mechanic garage animatronic truck are

        not as blinding as other haunts

    + Just the right Warm White Wash over the attic/slat-wall area

    + All lights are either hidden or part of a prop

    + Great uplighting in the cult area


  • From what I could perceive, only sound was from actors and animatronics

Special Rooms

  • Cult Burial Service

  • Garage

  • “Outdoor” Hallways

Set Dressing

  • Well excuted scenes


     - Not as densely dressed as other haunts in most rooms


    + Great Front Yard scene

    + Dentist/Surgical Office looks real

    + Second cult room looks like actual worship happens there

Theming and Design

Entertainment and Other Values


  • Adults can play along like no other haunt

  • I had a smile on my face for most of the time


    + The actors are great at improv

    + A different type of character in every room


  • Not many jumpscares


    - I don't think I was scared once


    + It's a different kind of scare: physical contact and fear of not being in control

Monetary Value

  • $18 Admission

  • 18 minute walkthrough

  • Exceptional acting


    + It's worth more than $18


  • 1 hr 48 min from Buffalo

  • 4 Hour Drive Max on it's own

  • 5 Hour Drive with multiple haunts including Joe's Fright Farm, Dark Matter Scream Works, Nightmare Manor, Demon Acres, Frightmare Farms and Grimsley's Gorge

Entertainment and Other Values

Experience Essay

Clyde NY is a historic canal town that was a stopover on the journeys of many barge crews of the Erie Canal in the 1820's, 30's and 40's. It still has an idyllic charm that is hard to resist on a tour of small town America. The streets, homes and businesses cascade down a hill from North to South and provide great views of the flat lands below when you round the top. Nowhere in the aesthetic of this town does the madness of Terror Field appear represented.


Parking on the street or in the lot across from the entrance, you'll approach the Box Office which is two storefronts away from the Queue Line. It's actually a pretty big building these guys own. Most of the block, really. On the night we went, the Queue Line entertainment was a man acting as a Psychiatric patient whose pursuit of tickets could not be quelled. He took my dad's and shouted, “I FINALLY HAVE A TICKET!”


The queue line is covered and excellent this year, with the new and improved concessions and merchandise booth at the corner that meets with the exitway. Displays in the queue include an animated outhouse and a burlesque dressed mannequin. On the busiest nights at the busiest times, the covered queue is completely insufficient and the line covers much of the sidewalk down the block.


At about 7:30 when we went, the line was non-existent in front of us and steadily grew behind us. The pre-show message is a repeating video rather than a spoken script. So as to save the team member taking tickets at the entrance and ensure a more perfect delivery of the rules. Smart addition. The video cuts off and you have an ominous void before you. Get in your order and enter one of the best eighteen minutes of insanity in New York.


Themes are pretty distinguished here, on the first floor it's Hillbillies and the second floor is Medical/Occult. The topics are all-adult all-the-time. From incest to sodomy, there is sure to be something that entertains or grosses you out.


On the first floor, there are a good number of scenes, from typical house scenes to a mechanic's garage and a full restaurant kitchen. There are actors who might make comments about your butt, smack you with a dismembered member and call you a chicken shit for getting a running start from the kitchen. The only notable animatronics are here in the Hillbilly floor. The first is a Mechanic underneath a running car and the second is an inbred behemoth.


In the final room is a freestyle incest bonanza of two brothers who are disgusted that the other would get his girlfriend pregnant, who happens to be that brother's sister. Either you get some form of this hilarious roundabout back and forth or a thrilling splatter ending


As you round the corner to go up the stairs, you're heckled by the wheelchair hospital patient at the top landing. There is a doorway into the first Nurse's Station and a rather bizarre actress who pretends to be from Northern New Jersey is the first major character you see on this floor. She asks if you're here for the Colonoscopy or something else then holds out a chart and asks a few follow up questions. There is one that's a little frustrating but, I won't go into any detail.


The doctor in the next room is a murderous scoundrel who's looking to euthanize humans and possibly get your urine or semen sample. In successive rooms, there are actors who stick a stethoscope to your chest and shout, “You need surgery!” and another who physically Bear Hugs and drags you down the hallway to the doctor.


Close to the end of the floor, the walls become slats and you must deal with the shadows and an assault by pig-headed maniacs. It's like you're in the attic of the building being shuffled around like pigs in a slaughterhouse. The interceding dark maze portion between this and the finale is a great place for a scare but, none came.


The finale of the whole show is a cult burying “The Father”. You must bow to “The Father” in reverence or he will follow you home. We bowed and invited him into our house. You promenade through a really scenically beautiful Occult Shrine room, open a door and head down the stairs. For the second year in a row, my first exclamation was, “Wow.”.


Co-owner Brandon Struczyk was a great host once again and his show remains in my Top 13 of All Time despite a single hiccup. Terror Field is an eighteen minute walkthrough for the same number of dollars General Admission. There isn't a VIP Line so, be sure to get here early like we did this year or late like we did last year. It turns out to be the same great show. The actors have great stamina and imagination to keep going and going, no matter what time in the night. I would highly recommend this haunt to anyone within a four hour drive and extend to a five hour drive with multiple haunts including Joe's Fright Farm, Dark Matter Scream Works, Nightmare Manor, Demon Acres, Frightmare Farms and Grimsley's Gorge

Experience Essay
Drive Time Recommendation Map

Recommended One-way Drive Time Range - 4 Hours

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