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Joe's Fright Farm in the agricultural exurbs of Rochester NY is an immaculate example of care for the customer experience. They may have a comparatively small horror element to the attraction but, the entire experience is hollistically entertaining and can occupy you for an hour.

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Navigation and Customer Service

  • Some street signage

  • A few turns from I-90


    - I would assume that most of the signs were obscured by Political lawn signs


    + Just look for the string lights on White Rd

  • Owners Joe and Maria

    + They're fun and pleasant, Maria is a queue line actor

    + Crew in the concession, merch and ticket barn are excellent

    + Ticket taker is somewhat funny

Navigation and Customer Service

Atmosphere and Lobby/Midway

Key Lobby and Midway Amenities

  1. Concessions

    + Murder Meat Melt

         + Baked Caramel Apples

  1. Merch

         + Nice looking Pumpkins

         + Mums

  1. Video

         + Old Black and White classic movies

  1. Music

  2. Seating

  3. Bathrooms

  4. Games

  5. Stage

  6. Photo Ops

  7. Queue Line Actors


  1. Metaphysical

        + There was an ongoing séance that night

  1. Pyrotechnics

  2. At least one HUGE set piece

Facade Quality

  • Facade is questionable


   +/- Mostly just a series of pallet-wood archways

   +/- Enter the first shack through a Claustrophobia

Use of Existing Environment

  • Agricultural Field


    + They have planted a specific Maze Corn to grow eight to nine ft tall stalks

Actors and Acting


  • Jump from the corn pretty quickly


    + Aggressive at the best opportunities


    + Reasonable costumes

    + No horror movie slashers

    + Minotaur

    + Burlap Bunny Mask

    + Silicone Demon on Voice Changer Demon

    + Satyrs

Lines and Vocalizations

  • Some acts have lines


    - Not enough lines


    + Voice Changer Demon talking about your mom

Actors and Acting

Theming and Design


  • Only simple effect fixtures


    + Simple used very well (Strobes in the corn instead of path lighting)

    + Multi-colored floods over all shacks and mazes rather than just white


  • A lot more sound variety than last year


    + Coyote squeals in the corn

    + Chanting soundscape in the middle maze and surrounding corn

Set Dressing

  • More notable scenes than previously


    + Fluorescent hallway

    + Slaughter Maze with hanging pigs

    + Mazes and shacks built to project interesting shadows

Theming and Design

Entertainment and Other Values


  • Cornmaze and Hayride


    + Midway is chock full of things to do

    + Hayride is a fun way to finish your night


  • Few jump scares


    + The ones that are there are timed pretty well

Monetary Value

  • $15 GA

  • 15 minute walkthrough


    + Worth at least $15


  • 1 hr 3 min from Buffalo


    - 3 1/2 hr on its own not advisable


    + Anywhere within 3 hr, it's a good bet

    + Anywhere within 2 hr, it's an easy must-see

    + Up to 4 ½ Hour Drive with multiple haunts including Terror Field, Dark Matter

        Scream Works, Nightmare Manor, Demon Acres, Frightmare Farms and

        Grimsley's Gorge

Entertainment and Other Values

Recommended One-way Drive Time Range - 3 Hours

Drive Time Recommendation Map
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