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For eleven years, Cody, the owner of Hush has been building a legacy for himself as a top hauntrepreneur of the Michigan scene. Hush currrently consists of three houses and three bars and certainly has a strong future ahead.


Customer Service and Navigation

  • Building set a little bit back from the street

  • Some signage

     -  Easy to miss if there isn't a train of cars to mark

         the spot

  • Owner Cody

  • Cody's Father Gary

  • Operations Manager Mark

     -  Gary may be the only one you get an opportunity

         to talk to unless you do the first Bar

    +  If you get hold of any owner or manager, they are

         very nice

Atmosphere and Lobby/Midway

Key Lobby and Midway Amenities

  1. Concessions

  2. Merch

        - Limited selection

  1. Video

  2. Music

         + Music for the Lobby Entertainment

  1. Seating

  2. Bathrooms

  3. Games

  4. Stage

         + "Sammy Bones" (I'm pretty sure)

         + Fire Dancers and Breathers

         + Aerialists

  1. Photo Ops

  2. Queue Line Actors


  1. Metaphysical

  2. Pyrotechnics

        "Cold Sparks" for the Lobby Stage

  1. At least one HUGE set piece

Facade Quality

Twilight Hotel

+ Beautiful walkthrough hotel foyer

+ Souvenir photos taken

Swamplands Hollow

+ Dark, dangerous feeling thicket of trees

Rosecliff Hall: Army of Monsters

+ Front step of a grand French Door mansion


Use of Existing/Surrounding Environment

  • Just an old Roller Rink

     -  No distinct features built into existing structures

         of the Rink days (that I know of)

Actors and Acting


Twilight Hotel

    + Vigorous Technicians in the Basement

Swamplands Hollow

    + The dark Acolytes are very insistent

Rosecliff Hall: Army of Monsters

    + Guys "shocking" each other

Costuming and Makeup

    + Unique color scheme that looks like no other

    + Dark Priest

    + Mourner with black dress

    + Admitter at front door with Jack O'lantern get-up

Lines and Vocalizations

   +/- The rare growl or yell

    + Nearly everyone has lines

Theming and Design


Twilight Hotel

    + Flickering overhead lights

Swamplands Hollow

    + Faux Fire

    + LED Flood and Wash lights

Rosecliff Hall: Army of Monsters


Twilight Hotel

    + Dripping water

Swamplands Hollow

    + Wildlife

    + Pipe Organs

Rosecliff Hall: Army of Monsters

Set Dressing

Twilight Hotel

  +/- No real inhabited area hotel rooms   

    + Popcorn ceiling used on the walls

    + Furnaces and other large mechanicals

    + Pipes everywhere

    + See-through scenic pieces

Swamplands Hollow

    + Branches, leaves and Hanging Moss

    + Walls = boards transformed

    + Aged Barn Siding

Rosecliff Hall: Army of Monsters

    + Just about every scene you would expect from a

       Traditional "House" dressed to the nines

Special Rooms

Twilight Hotel

    - Shifting floor hallway jerks around really hard


    + Grand Temple transition room

    + Mine area

Swamplands Hollow

    + Evil Dead Room

    + Church

    + Zombie Hand Hallway

Rosecliff Hall: Army of Monsters

    + Courtyard

    + Food Area (Pantry, Kitchen, Wine Cellar)

Entertainment Value


    + ~25 minutes of Well-dressed mayhem

    + 3 Bars will get you sloshy

    + Lobby features a number of unique acts


    + Actors are hidden inside props and walls


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