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Opened in 1974 with only a month to set up, Haunted Schoolhouse & Laboratory has become a classic Halloween staple of NE OH for all fifty years. With amazing scenes and costumes and a crazy cool setting, you're sure to find something to love about this haunt.


Customer Service and Navigation

  • Box Office Manager Tonia

  • General Manager Dave

  • Assistant Production Manager Matt

    + All three are fantastic and were eager to meet us

    + They shared the stories of the past quite nicely

Atmosphere and Lobby/Midway

Key Lobby and Midway Amenities

  1. Concessions

         + A delicious Food Truck

  1. Merch

  2. Video

  3. Music

         + Hot Jams from last decade

  1. Seating

         + Many picnic tables

  1. Bathrooms

  2. Games

         + One of the locations of All American Axe Throwing

  1. Stage

  2. Photo Ops

         + The front sign has a bunch of Haybales to sit on for a picture

  1. Queue Line Actors


  1. Metaphysical

  2. Pyrotechnics

  3. At least one HUGE set piece

         + The place is FULL of huge monsters, skeletons and a whole ass bus

Facade Quality

  • Both houses have two queue lines

   +/- You can consider the outside of the building to

          be the facade, the second queue going up a

          flight of stairs to be a walkthrough facade or

          that there is no facade

Use of Existing/Surrounding Environment

  • Previous Elementary School

  • Guggenheim Airship Institute

    +   All floors used wonderfully

    +   Wind tunnel used spectacularly

Actors and Acting


  • Somewhere in the 60 actor range that night


Haunted Schoolhouse

  • Many actors

    +  Some actors going off the walls

Haunted Laboratory

  • Fewer actors

   +/-  Slower but, more menacing


     -    Mad Scientist with the Tesla Coil didn't really do

           anything, UNLESS he is a prop then disregard

           the minus

Costuming and Makeup

  • Every actor has a definite costume

    +  Theme approrpriate

    +  Hollywood, baby!

    +  Any masks are good looking, too

Lines and Vocalizations

Haunted Schoolhouse

  • Almost everyone has a line

  • If it's not a line, it's a Boo Pedal

     + No real cliche lines

     + Some great personalities

Haunted Laboratory

  • Not many lines

     -  Not much of anything beyond growls

Theming and Design


Haunted Schoolhouse

  • A full color pallette

    +  Hidden LEDs

    +  Glowing Brimstone Walls

    +  Moonlight effects

Haunted Laboratory

  • Cold colors

     +  Hidden LEDs

     +  Feels cold and damp

     +  Electical effects


Haunted Schoolhouse

  • Didn't really notice a soundscape on the first two floors

    +  All Boo Pedals have a distinct sound

        corresponding to the theme

    +  Great sounding acute sound effects

    +  Basement has an adventure-y Soundscape

Haunted Laboratory

  • Didn't really notice here either

    +  Also great sounding acute sound effects

Set Dressing

Haunted Schoolhouse

  • Floor to ceiling props, animatronics and detail pieces

    +  Actual themed ceilings

    +  In some scenes, multiple layers of dressing from

         the wall

    +  Mixture of Painting, Vacuform and Carved walls

         and giant set pieces

Haunted Laboratory

  • Floor to ceiling props and detail pieces

    +   Every conceivable detail piece you can imagine

          for mad science/experiments

    +   Mutants, Monstrocities and Aliens everywhere

Special Rooms

Haunted Schoolhouse

  • Shifting Swamp House

  • Spinning Tunnel

  • Church

  • Multiple Torture Chambers

  • Giant Vampire Room

Haunted Laboratory

  • 3 Story Hole with Catwalk

  • Tesla Coil Room

  • Giant Frankenstein's Monster Room

  • Ape Research Room

  • Surgery Gallery

Entertainment Value


Haunted Schoolhouse

     + The varied, immersive environments are exciting

         to walkthrough

     + Some of the actors are funny

Haunted Laboratory

     +  So consistent in theme over three whole floors,

          you'll wonder how they did it!


Haunted Schoolhouse

     +  Good  hiding spots built into the detail

     +  Got me more than most haunts

   +/- The Boo Pedals aren't as loud as other places

Haunted Laboratory

     +   If you're afraid of heights, this place will kill ya!

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