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Since 1997, Erebus has been growing and growing to be one of the most unique and largest haunted attractions in Michigan. In 2007 I visited for the first time and was blown away. Less than a week ago, I went through it to the same wonderment


Customer Service and Navigation

Easy to see from a distance on account of Searchlights on the roof


  • Owner Ed

  • Operations Manager Dan
  • Mythos Founder Steve
  • Mythos Artist Rick

A fantastic group of guys.

Always looking for Feedback.

Atmosphere and Lobby/Midway

Key Lobby and Midway Amenities

  1. Concessions

  2. Merch

         + Huge stall in the Exit Lobby

         + Two other sellers including the glow accessories in

             the queue

  1. Video

         + Queue line preshow

  1. Music

         + Assorted Hot Jams

  1. Seating

  2. Bathrooms

  3. Games

  4. Stage

  5. Photo Ops

         + A good number of large props in the Exit Lobby

  1. Queue Line Actors


  1. Metaphysical

  2. Pyrotechnics

  3. At least one HUGE set piece

Facade Quality

Erebus Haunted House


     - The front of the building is the lifeless facade


     + The Second Queue is a ridiculously huge

         walkthrough facade with its futuristic theming

Use of Existing/Surrounding Environment

     + The outer bricks are used decisively as a theme

         appropriate wall in some scenes and hallways

Actors and Acting


  • 90 actors that night


Erebus Haunted House

    -  Actors aren't really the highlight except the

         puppet operators

    +  Ambitious jump scaring

Costuming and Makeup

Erebus Haunted House

    + Excellent Prosthetics and masks

    + Layered costumes

Lines and Vocalizations

Erebus Haunted House

    +/-  Not many lines

      +  The lines that were said are golden

Theming and Design


Erebus Haunted House

  • Full color pallette

  • Cold colors in the futuristic spaces

  • Hot colors in the industrial spaces

    +  Great use of flourescence in the carnival area

    +  Lots of video including flames in the burning



Erebus Haunted House

  • No real overarching soundscape

    +  Unique sound effects for each room

    +  Crickets in the swamp

    +  Creepy crawlies in the Spider Cave

Set Dressing

Erebus Haunted House

  • Puppets, puppets everywhere

  • Vacuumform panels of many varieties

    +  Hydraulic arm in the factory bit

    +  Louisiana Bayou House in the swamp

    +  Bodies being processed into skeletons

Special Rooms

Erebus Haunted House

  • Nearly every room is a Special Room

    -  The preshow rooms including the

        decontamination cells all the way to the "Alien

        Scare" are weak (maybe because it all broke with

        my expectations)

   +  So many shifting floors

   +  Two infinity floors

   +  Interactive "meat hook" hallway

   +  The interlude hallway between queues two and


   +  Drowning in balls room

Entertainment Value


Erebus Haunted House

    -  Some puppets hit you hard

   +/-  A lot of bending over

    +  27 minutes of rooms you might not see anywhere


    +  Ingenious execution of many common rooms

While you're there, head over to Mythos Oddities and Curiosities Museum. Home to many exciting fossils, art pieces and artifacts that will expand your mind! It's just an additional $20 to see this one-of-a-kind collection.


Erebus Haunted House

    +  Fears that not many other haunts engage with

         are affected here

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