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Started as a revolution in haunt technology just before the Pandemic, Eloise Asylum achieves it's role as a "top haunt" with flying colors. The beautiful building is a rare haunt gem to behold.


Customer Service and Navigation

    - There are two driveways and the junction with

       Reuther Rd which gets shut down for the haunt;

       only the first driveway is accessible and the sign

       blends into the fencing

    + The building is quite visible from a distance on

        the busy parkway Michigan Ave

  • General Manager Jim

    +  Jim leads a great team for owner Matt

Atmosphere and Lobby/Midway

Key Lobby and Midway Amenities

  1. Concessions

         + Four delicious carnival food trailers

  1. Merch

  2. Video

  3. Music

  4. Seating

  5. Bathrooms

  6. Games

  7. Stage

  8. Photo Ops

         + The building itself

  1. Queue Line Actors

         + Sliders


  1. Metaphysical

  2. Pyrotechnics

  3. At least one HUGE set piece

         + Deathly Garden

Facade Quality

Eloise Asylum

    + Grand entryway with columns

Sublevel 1 - Nankin Project

   +/- Stairs down to the Basement

Use of Existing/Surrounding Environment

  • Wonderful, historic building

     + Bricks of the outer wall mimiced throughout

Actors and Acting


Eloise Asylum

   +/- More slow and eerie than rambunctious

   +/- Light-touch haunt

    + Characters feel truly lived

Sublevel 1 - Nankin Project

    +/- Light-touch haunt

      +  Monsters and mutants seem real

Costuming and Makeup

Eloise Asylum

    +  Makes lines of color on the face have depth

    +  Costumes that suspend disbelief

Sublevel 1 - Nankin Project

    +  Prosthetics and masks that create unique


    +  Monsters and mutants seem real

Lines and Vocalizations

Eloise Asylum

   +/- Verging on the cliche but not quite getting there

    + "Time for a bath?"

    + "Ready for your surgery?"

    + Nearly every actor has lines

Sublevel 1 - Nankin Project

    + Terrifying Monster sounds

Theming and Design


Eloise Asylum

  • Mostly warm temperatures of White


    + Antique fixtures

    + Swinging lights

    + Strobes in the Padded Rooms

Sublevel 1 - Nankin Project

  • Mostly cold colors or warm temperatures of White

     + Flashing light panels

     + Spotlights on the experiements

     + Green glowing alien cave


Eloise Asylum

    + Overarching Swing and Jazz Standards

Sublevel 1 - Nankin Project

    + Scene specific sound effects

Set Dressing

Eloise Asylum

    + Super dense wall covering/material to furniture

       to detail pieces and everything in between

    + Old timey medical equipment

    + 1920's or 30's Wall coverings

    + Cobwebs everywhere

Sublevel 1 - Nankin Project

    + Emergency/Caution symbols distressed into the


    + Unit 70 Monsters everywhere

    + Boiler room

Special Rooms

Eloise Asylum

    + Shifting Floor and Slanted Floor Padded Wall


    + Surgery Room

    + Bunk Bed Maze

    + Hallway of Doors

    + Solitary Confinement Hallway

Sublevel 1 - Nankin Project

    + Anti-gravity Machine Room

    + Glowing Alien Cave

    + Memory Implantation/Programming Room with

        Wall of TVs

Entertainment Value


Eloise Asylum

  • Fourteen minute walkthrough

    + A whirlwhind of imaginative scenes and

       captivating characters

Sublevel 1 - Nankin Project

  • Ten minute walkthrough

    + One of the best Sci-fi Horror executions in the



Eloise Asylum

   +/- Light-touch haunt

    + Actors are driven

    + Some scenes like the Bunk Beds lend themselves

        to surprise attacks

Sublevel 1 - Nankin Project

   +/- Light-touch haunt

    + Some of the animatronics will get you

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