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Dead Acres/Haunted Hoochie is one of those nationally notorious experiemental haunts that goes above and beyond to entertain and shock all who go through. They have a number of scenes that no one else has, all in the service of disgusting and disturbing their guests. Gotta love it!!!

Navigation and Customer Service

  • Labyrinth of Parking Lots

  • Multiple Driveways


   +/- I went when it was dry but, I could see problems with mud pits in key areas

          of driveway, parking and walkway (not to say it's worse than anywhere else,

          just large distances to traverse)


  • Plenty of Frontline workers and Armed Guards

  • Owner Tim


     - Hoochie Security have to contend with the possibility of violent concealed

        carry altercations so, they meet the threat with Armalites. (I feel bad for the

        level of danger they sense or have to sense at work)


     + Friendly Frontline

     + Tim is a great character

     + Mike, the head of Hoochie Security is a fair guy

Navigation and Customer Service

Atmosphere and Lobby/Midway

Key Lobby and Midway Amenities - 9/10

  1. Concessions

  2. Merch

  3. Video

  4. Music

  5. Seating

  6. Bathrooms

  7. Games

  8. Stage

    + Gogo Dancers

  9. Photo Ops

  10. Queue Line Actors


  1. Metaphysical

  2. Pyrotechnics

  3. At least one HUGE set piece

Facade Quality

  • Big ole Barn and Silos


    + Mismatched Siding panels are the first show of chaos

Use of Existing Environment

  • Century old Farm

  • Decades old Barn


     + The Bad Trip building doesn't seem intrusive at all

     + Looks like a Farm full of horror themed art installations

Actors and Acting


  • Probably over 100 actors

  • Most rooms are hopping with actors


   +/- Physical aggression unrivalled in the industry (a woman stuck her fingers in

          my mouth and dragged me into a cage by the cheek)


     + Actors completely lose their identity in this place and become sadistic


     + People climbing and jumping all over the place

     + Some of the most vigorously swinging chainsaw guys I've ever seen


  • Every single actor is costumed


    + Transformational Hillbilly, nun and soldier among others

    + Some actors barely wear anything

    + “Chickenfucker” and detachable scrotum

Lines and Vocalizations

  • All actors speak


     - Some Bad Trip actors just yell

    + Free to say whatever they want, basically

    + Very few cliches

    + The nuns had some “freaky” things to say

Actors and Acting

Theming and Design


  • Many instances of a very few colors

  • Basic fluorescent in Bad Trip


    + They have all the essentials they need to make you feel like you're in a

        dungeon or being attacked

    + Some hallways lined with red lit mini-stages

    + Strobes in the right pattern to make massive animatronics more menacing


  • Animatronics, propane-fueled machine guns and chainsaws


    - Some rooms have sound well over 90 db


    + Machine guns sound real

    + Animatronics sound like real animals

    + Soundtrack of Bad Trip is a journey

    + Hot metal jams

Special Rooms

  • Coffin Maze

  • Battle Scenes

  • Giant Monster Room

  • Dragon Room

  • Destroyed Church

Set Dressing

  • Inside is not as intricate as outside


   +/- Inside is basically just black-walled torture chambers



    + Bad Trip may be some of the best 3D in the country

    + Bad Trip has great looking aliens and mutants everywhere

    + The outdoor scenes in The Hoochie have massive amounts of relevant junk

        and even some hills built in the center

    + The most vehicles I've ever seen used as props

Theming and Design

Entertainment and Other Values


   +/- Violent characters aren't everyone's cup of tea

    + Apart from the fingers in my mouth and certain earsplitting parts, I had a

        smile on my face from beginning to end

    + I was also thoroughly wowed by Bad Trip


   +/- If you don't like being in a confined space with A LOT of other people, this

          isn't the spot for you

   +/- Some of the scares are waaayyy more personal than at other haunts


    + This one made me feel out of control

Monetary Value

  • $35 GA

  • $50 VIP


    - They open whenever they want and a lot of people get the GA, amounting to

       an hours long line


    + Definitely worth $50 for VIP


  • Unique in the whole country

  • ~ 25 minutes


    + Worth a five hour drive on its own

    + Within four hours, it's a no-brainer

Entertainment and Other Values

Recommended One-way Drive Time Range - 5 Hours

Recommended Drive Time Map
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