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Dark Matter Scream Works has been around for eleven years haunting the Rochester suburbs first in Henrietta, now in Greece. The mix of themes in this five element haunt is unlike anything you'll see elsewhere. Beautiful execution and actors who are better than some of the big-name haunts make it a worthy trip for many New Yorkers.

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Navigation and Customer Service

  • On the backside of Greece Ridge Mall

    - Small signs out on a busy thoroughfare


    + Those signs guide you all the way around the building

  • Owner Joe

     + A friendly guy with an approachable demeanor, always looking to hear how

         you experienced his show

Navigation and Customer Service

Atmosphere and Lobby/Midway

Key Lobby and Midway Amenities

  1. Concessions

  2. Merchandise

  3. Video

  4. Music

  5. Seating

  6. Bathrooms

  7. Games

  8. Stage

  9. Photo Ops

  10. Queue Line Actors


  1. Metaphysical

  2. Pyrotechnics

  3. At least one HUGE set piece

Facade Quality

  • 5 Houses, 5 Facades

  • All are temporary



Use of Existing Environment

    + Adequate use of space for the level of challenge in this temporary buildout

Actors and Acting


    + Acts in your personal space

    + Many unique and relevant characters


  • Dozens of cast members, primarily posted in four houses


    + All costumes make the characters look like they live in their respective


    + The final scare

    + Bad Santa and Krampus

Lines and Vocalizations

  • Circus of the Damned, Contagion and Blood Manor have plenty of well developed characters with lines


    + “Toenail” Guy in Contagion

    + Carnie? In Circus of the Damned

    + Victorian Dining Room Lady in Blood Manor

Actors and Acting

Theming and Design


  • Modular LED setups

  • Portable lamps


   +/- They do the best they can with a temporary 8ft wall, the bleed-over is just

           really strong


    + Simulated fire in parts of House of Krampus

    + Hefty blacklight in Circus of the Damned


  • No overarching soundscapes


    + The sounds of the Screampark (commotions in the distance and sound

        effects right up close)

Set Dressing

  • Circus, Research/Disease/Hospital, Christmas/Evil, Fear of... and Mansion/Castle themes


    - Way too much fishing line everywhere


    + Carnival Rides (Carousel and Rollercoaster)

    + Fantastic 3D finale to Circus of the Damned

    + Horse skeletons

    + Fog Blast Decontamination Room

    + Gingerbread House

    + A Great cemetery

    + Bottomless Pit Room

    + Mannequin Room

    + Vibrating Floor

Theming and Design

Entertainment and Other Values


  • Definitely a good mix of themes, haven't seen a mix this good in a while


    + I was entertained for at least 24 minutes

    + Despite the temporary nature I am pleased with the execution of many

        rooms vs. some permanent haunts

    + There's something for everyone to like


  • More scares than bigger-name all-indoor haunts


    - I don't remember being notably scared, just a bit jumpy


    + Some actors have up to three opportunities to get you

Monetary Value

  • 5 Houses: Circus of the Damned, Contagion, House of Krampus, Phobias and Blood Manor

  • $25 GA, $35 VIP

  • ~27 minute walkthrough


    + Both prices are reasonable


  • 3 Hour drive on its own is the max advisable

  • A 4 Hour trip featuring Joe's Fright Farm and/or Nightmare Manor is justifiable

Entertainment and Other Values

Recommended One-way Drive Time Range - 3 Hours

Recommended Drive Time Map
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