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2022 Halloween Attraction Reviews

Come one, come all to the most novel review site on the web. You won't find numbers here. Bullets, pluses and minuses are the name of the game. Step right up and read about the ups and downs of thirteen halloween attractions from New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Reaper's Revenge Logo

Stop 01

Reaper's Revenge is one of the star Haunted Attractions of Eastern Pennsylvania. It's an hour and a half long jaunt through five MASSIVE elements on top of a mountain. There is the aforementioned Hayride, The Lost Carnival Trail, Delirium 3D, Pitch Black Extreme Dark Maze and the Hands-on Sector 13

Stop 02

Hellstead Manor is an exceptional complement to a night at Reaper's Revenge when coming from the North. Just a few minutes from I 81 off the Great Bend Exit, it's mostly easy to find this place and its house and two trails (The Manor, Wretched Woods and The Cannabilies)

Hellstead Manor logo
7 Gates Screampark Logo

Stop 03

In its First Year, 7 Gates is a future powerhouse that needs help from us all to stand on its feet and prove that with another year of development, there is another spot for greatness in the Western New York Haunt scene.

Stop 04

Ghoul Brother is a smaller Haunted House in the Akron Area that has a star development team led by an award-winning Hollywood Special Effect Artist.

Ghoul Brothers Logo

Stop 05

The Trail of Nightmares is a true Hidden Gem of North Ohio. It's a ~33 min comparatively flat, easy walk through a forest of great imagination and surprise.

Stop 06

Fear Columbus is one of the leading upstart Haunted Attractions in Ohio. It's team is returning after a significant hiatus and the production is a show of great continuing design chops.

Fear Columbus Logo
Carnage Logo

Stop 07

Carnage is currently the sleeper star of the Columbus market. Among giants, this one is a surprising national contender.

Stop 08

Being one of if not the most extreme Haunted Attractions in the country, Dead Acres/Haunted Hoochie promises one of the craziest 40 minute walkthroughs you'll ever experience.

Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie Logos
Terror Field.jpg

Stop 09

Terror Field is another real sleeper star. This time of New York. The actors are absolutely ridiculous in this adult, full-touch haunted house. One of the best in New York.

Stop 10

13th Hour Rising is one of the underdogs of Central New York being a temporary installation and all. Despite this, they keep coming back year after year with a few effects that not a lot of other Hayrides in the state have.

13th Hour Rising.jpg
Dark Matter.webp

Stop 11

Dark Matter Scream Works is a decent and the most diverse entry to the Rochester Market. There are five houses and a lot to love. A good haunt for a small city.

Stop 12

Joe's Fright Farm is an example of one of the better cornmazes in New York. No trip to Rochester for haunts is complete without going to this outdoor star.

Fright Farm.png

Stop 13

Everhaunt is in its third year of growth and development. The experience is a wonder for first timers, a warm return for the repeat customer. Possibly one of if not the best all-indoor haunts in New York.

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