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Grizzly's Trail of Terror Logo

Operating since 2009, Grizzly’s Trail of Terror is a masterpiece of horror set up on a hill in a small town near the beautiful Letchworth State Park

Eeriebyss Factory of Terror Logo

For close to a decade now, Eeriebyss has been spooking up a decrepit factory in what I would say is one of the more creative reuse cases out there. They’ve done a marvelous job with the place

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Nightmare Manor Rochester Logo

This haunt has a lot to work with but, is mostly disappointing.

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Cheeseman Fright Farm Logo

The first of three haunts in West Central PA that night, Cheeseman’s gave us an average Hayride with a few big thrills and a pretty long, dense trail along a ravine and through a field.

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Eerie Acres Farm Butler Logo

This, the second haunt of the night was an absolute masterpiece of the Suburbs. With difficulty, you can find that this is one of the best haunts in Western Pennsylvania

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Fearscapes Ellwood City Logo

This, the third haunt of the night is a theatrical surprise in a small industrial building tucked away on a commercial lot. When you come out of this show, you will have a different sense of what haunts can be.

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Grimsley’s Gorge is proof that you don’t need a big budget to put on one hell of a show. Over the years, they have innovated with their non-profit haunt in ways a pro haunt would KILL to have.

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Trail of Terror Fulton Logo

For thirty-two years, Trail of Terror has been haunting the community of Fulton NY, decades before the competition of Frightmare Farms and 13th Hour Rising came into the picture and they’re still standing.

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